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What is Whatsapp and whatsapp marketing?

Whatsapp messenger is a mobile application which support smart phones like: Iphone, Android, Blackberry etc. Users of Whatsapp are using Whatsapp application to exchange text, image, Video, Audio and contacts for free. Whatsapp is the most famous application in the world. In a recent survey we found 50 Million + users in India only. Now, Antsglobe Networks is providing Bulk whatsapp marketing in Nagpur.

Bulk Whatsapp message:

We provide 100% delivery and using best tools for fastest whatsapp marketing. We are the leading company of bulk Whatsapp message (marketing) in Nagpur (India). We provide bulk Whatsapp marketing to our customers in a very good price. This is the latest and best trend in the market for direct marketing or iterative with friends and family, now in a day many businessmen deal on WhatsApp to view/Share Picture. Bulk Whatsapp marketing is the best way to get promote and to increase the branding of the company.
Benefits of bulk Whatsapp marketing:

We can easily send Text/Image/Video/Audio and Vcard messages to any part of the world in a very nominal price.
We are using very user friendly software for whatsapp marketing
We have both options (Online panel and Offline mode)
Mobile number Filtration option (Through this you can filter out all the whatsapp users from raw data)
Delivery report in both options (Online/Offline)
We are using two type of sender (s), Domestic number & International number
100% Delivery on Whatsapp
You can target your Premium clients through whatsapp marketing.
How to send Bulk Whatsapp messages:

We have our own panel and software for Bulk Whatsapp marketing. Basically there is two main options to send whatsapp messages: Online panel and offline panel.

Online Panel:

We will give you a unique user id and password for login into our portal of whatsapp
We will provide you online filtration option
You can send messages through this panel (Text, Image, Audio and Video)
It will take 6 to 8 hours for delivery
1 to 2 hours for filtration
After delivery you can download the delivery report from the same panel.

Offline Panel:

You have to provide us the data
We will filter the data
We will send your messages (Text, Image, Audio and Video)
It will take 6 to 8 hours for delivery
1 to 2 hours for filtration
After delivery we will mail you the delivery report.
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