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Important Steps That Will Help You Run a Profitable Restaurant Business In 2019

Profitable Restaurant Business In 2019
Post / Apr 06, 2019

Important Steps That Will Help You Run a Profitable Restaurant Business In 2019

Some of the important things that needs to be consider to run a profitable business in Restaurant Category includes good online presence, Expert Restro ERP Software as well as good marketing strategy. According to a survey, 80% of people search a restaurant online to look for its ambience, category (vegeterian/non-vegeterian or theme based like Regional - Maharashtraian, Gujrati, Bengali etc)

A Good Restaurant Software must include all aspects of restaurant operations including Fast billing, kitchen management (KOT), and customer service.

Improve Your Online Presence

We live in a rapidly growing digital world where it has become imperative for businesses to have an online presence. It puts your brand in front of your audience & helps you achieve your business goals faster. So if you’re a restaurant business owner and don’t have a website yet, it’s time to get one.

Online presence can help you to stay updated with the upcoming trends and to compete with your competitors. An increase in online exposure will directly impact your businesses. Having a functional and updated restaurant website is also a critical aspect of your online presence. Not only would it help you increase your visibility online, but also help you get more orders as well if you have online ordering enabled.

Change or Upgrade your Restaurant’s Point of Sale System

Restaurant POS is one of the essential tools for restaurant management and operations, and when used smartly, can significantly reduce the burden of running a restaurant. A good Restaurant POS is the one which can manage Fast Billing, KOT, Good for single as well as multiple restaurant, ability to handle different payment options such as card/cash/paytm, manage zomato/swiggy/ubereats billing, send sms to customers for offers and so on. Well, Restro ERP can be the one solution for all these needs.

Market your business on Social Media

Everyone loves to see a well prepared and beautiful looking dish image on social media. Customers first taste your food through their eyes. Hence, socializing proper banners on social media are especially important for your business value. You can entice your customers/followers by approaching them to like your page and posting daily specials of your restaurant along with some offers on your social media accounts. Integrating social media platform to your existing website can give a huge boost to your sales and will help you get even more customers.

Even you can target your audience depending on your country, State or geographic location. This greatly increases your brand visibility that will be more likely to purchase from your business.

Have coupon codes for customers

Everybody loves some discount or coupon codes which they can redeem in their next purchase. Different coupon codes can actually from your restaurant online. Hence, coupon codes are one of the most important factors that can actually make your business popular.

Engage Walk-in Customers

A growing trend has been emerging to conduct various events, shows or even games at weekends in restaurants. People prefer to go for a restaurant with their families on weekends. You can plan for some special activities for the visitors who will be coming on weekend. These plans can be anything like game shows which can offer them to win some discounts on their next visit. Everyone prefers to enjoy their weekend at some destination that can be actually relaxing for their minds. So for your next weekend, go ahead create a plan for your customers.

Go for food delivery portal

So, zomato, swiggy are not enough for ordering food for home? Well, you can actually design your own food delivery portal from which you can give good discounts to your existing and new customers. Client retention defiantly increases if you give them discounts and option to order online from their portal. Benefits? You don’t have to pay to the different portals separately for your orders, also it actually increases your brand visibility. A food delivery portal of your own business can also be managed efficiently if you don’t have dine-in facility. According to a report, 75% of customers prefer to order online or prefer to visit in the same restaurant if they find their food delicious.

So, next time, forget all the hassles of managing restaurant by having a good Restaurant POS and hire a company who can work for you online in terms of website, food delivery portal or digital marketing and generate leads for you.
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