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Chat & Tracking Support :

Chat Support is a kind of synchronous messaging system, both the customer and the agent must be present at the same time to get engaged in a conversation.

Chat Support is an important growth channel. To offer the best customer experience this is a minimum requirement for the businesses. Live chat web-insight is produced with real-time visitor tracking and monitoring assistance. With these features, you can acquire real-time information about your visitors from your dashboard.

Boost Your Customer Engagement


Performance of the team can be Viewed in real-time against set goals with the help of the Live Monitoring dashboard.


Measuring customer satisfaction and conversion rates becomes easier with key chat metrics like average response and handle time.


Testing and reporting on marketing campaigns and identifying which messages were most successful with the prospects and customers.

Benefits of visitor tracking for lead generation -

Live chat web-insight is produced with real-time visitor tracking and monitoring assistance. With these features, you can acquire real-time information about your visitors from your dashboard. The visitor’s IP address, geographic location, pages he viewed, previous webpage visits etc, all these details can be gained with the help of this live chat feature. This statistics will assist you in understanding the behaviour of your website visitors and enables you to give support according to their choice.

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    1. Proactively chat with customer :

    Start chatting with any visitor on your website instantly with one click and offer immediate assistance. By providing assistance to your visitors at the right time you can win their heart and that may increase your sales, conversion and brand repute.

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    2. Get precise and actionable marketing insights :

    You can now find out the topmost keywords, top referring websites and much more at a glance with live chat visitor tracking feature. Check if your website landing page making any difference to both customer growth and retention? Or if majority of chats are coming from a specific page of your website? This website analytics feature renders lists mentioning the top pages from where your chats are coming, and enables you to make smarter decisions for increasing your sales conversions and customer satisfaction both at the same time.

    With the live chat feature, both of these goals work hand-in-hand. Along with that, URL report shows from which Webpages chats are getting initiated, list of Webpages viewed by the website visitors during chats etc. All the advanced reports can segregate by agent, date, department etc. The analytics report allows you to filter by chat type including initiated visitor, missed, proactive, and offline.

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    3. Feedback forms :

    You can take the complete process of customer support to the next level. In addition to the website visitor analytics, live chat solution comes with a feedback loop for customer communication. Having the option to run and manage a complete survey after a successful completion of each live chat sessions.

    The survey/feedback forms can be customized as per your requirements and then can have the responses from your customers during or after the live chat which is then automatically emailed to you or your support agents. Post chat feedback pop up improves the customer satisfaction level and quality of your customer support.

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    4. Chat transfer :

    Live chat feature also offers chat transfer facility with which one agent can transfer a chat to another agent, another support tier, or another department by single click on a button. With the chat transfer entire previous chat history gets transferred to get an idea of the visitors and their queries. It enables instant assistance in the same way your customer needs and facilitates higher customer satisfaction and sales conversion.

    Live chat visitor monitoring and tracking has the ability to enhance customer perception towards the business. Customers seeking information thrive on live chat for assistance and even shoppers enjoy the benefits of verifying the price or feature of a specific commodity before or during the buying process. Live chat with visitors benefits in retaining them on your website for a longer duration.

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