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On Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization refers to factors that affect your Website or Web-page.

What is On-Page Optimization?

The On-page optimization technique is one of the first and foremost task in SEO, where the modifications made to the website to improve its position in the search engine rankings.

On-page SEO is the method of optimizing individual web pages to rank them higher in search engines and bring you more qualified traffic. On-page refers to both the content and layout of a web page. Both are important and can be optimized. (You can compare this to "Off-page SEO," which points to links to your website and other external signals.)

Our On Pages SEO Tactics

On-page SEO techniques and methods altogether offer a complete exposure of your website to the search engines and helps in boosting the CTR (click through ratio). The various factors that affect the search engine rankings are as follows-

Meta Tags

For each web-page, you can incorporate a set of keywords in the form of meta tags. This involves all the relevant keywords that have been researched earlier. Search engines read the meta tags to compare the keywords includes in website with the visible content.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the second most important area where you can include relevant keywords that precisely fit with the quality content. These are utilized in the search results when your webpage is listed. Hence, remember to include meta descriptions for the main web pages.

Page Titles

The page titles are the most important ON page SEO components on the website. Each and every webpage should have a unique title with the main keywords. It should be crisp, short, meaningful and connect with the audience immediately to identify your business brand.


Good content is linkable and supplies the demand. One should include informative and relevant content with good keyword density minimum of 2-5%. Avoid repetition and stuffing the content with keywords because keyword stuffing doesn't always supply a demand.

URL Structure

Always remember to include a search engine friendly URLs for all your WebPages. It displays the hierarchy of the information on the webpage. Because of the hierarchy, the search engines deduce the relevant data without even requiring to process the webpage.

Internal Linking

It is best to optimize the internal and external outbound links for search engines and your website visitors. It produces an effective navigation around your website. The internal links are used as the most functional and influential weapon in the wide array of SEO tools.

Important HTML tags

It is necessary to emphasise some fixed sections of your website. The Header 1 element is used for the website's title or header text, Header 2 and 3 highlights the relevant important sections of a webpage. It is best for the SEO if you divide the content of the webpage with headers.

Broken Links Checker and Loading Time Checker

It is an online checker that verifies and integrates the websites, identifies the problem for broken and dead links. The loading time checker scans and monitors the website speed and analyses the load speed of each webpage.

Why do you need SEO On-Site Optimization for your Business?

SEO on-site optimization plays a significant role in the business's online success.

Many companies are employing on-page optimization services to help their branding as well. Here are some of the interesting reasons why your business needs SEO :-
  • on-page-optimization
    1. Delivers High ROI -

    When executed correctly, SEO on-page can help in boosting high traffic drive and conversions rates. There is no other form of online marketing that can provide a return like SEO.

  • on-page-optimization
    2. SEO Works -

    SEO is developing and progressing with every passing day. When executed correctly it can deliver endless traffic constantly. Invest your capital in a service that does it right and brings you exceptional results. With our experience and tactics, we ensure that the services we offer are more than your expectations.

  • on-page-optimization
    3. Mobile Traffic -

    Mobile traffic will continue to rise at a high rate. SEO on-page optimization supports your users to find your business, products, and services easily and then get engaged with its content. The mobile sites are the future so you should be ready for it.

Key Elements Of An Optimized Page -

  • Content quality stands apart.

  • Easy navigation.

  • Design is of high quality and authentically fits with the brand.

  • Page is a browser and device responsive.

  • Keyword targeted and multi-device ready.

  • Unique, relevant, valuable and shared through social media networks.


Nowadays everyone looks for businesses and transactions online. With a proper SEO strategy and technique, you can increase the audience engagement between your business and your potential leads. The On-page optimization SEO services offered by Antsglobe Technologies helps in administering these engagements smoothly and in the right way.

On-page optimisation not only enhances the complete readability of your website (by the search engines) but also renders a better rank in the search engines result pages. Antsglobe Technologies offers quality on-page optimization services and feel happy to assist you with efficient, powerful techniques and perfect strategies to boost your ON page SEO.

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