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AntsRestro is a GST-ready inventory & accounting software that helps you generate invoices easily,
manage your accounts, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory accurately,
generate 1000’s of reports & MIS, and file GST returns effortlessly.
1. User-friendly
2. Quick Billing
3. Easy Upselling
4. Hassle-free Order Taking
5. Staff Management
6. Expense Management
7. Live Bill Tracking
8. Outlet-Level Reporting
9. Item-Level Reporting
10. Food Cost Control
11. Live  Inventory Tracking
12. Maximum Profits
Quick Billing
Easy Upselling
Hassle-free Order Taking
Staff Management
Expense Management
Live Bill Tracking
Outlet-Level Reporting
Item-Level Reporting
Food Cost Control
Live  Inventory Tracking
Maximum Profits

Dine - in Restaurant Billing Software features
Restaurant  software is quick to implement, easy to learn and smooth in operation which reduces the long standing queues of the customer so that their orders are placed faster and faster billing can be done.
For a Restaurant industry the biggest challenge is to manage the order entry, recipe costing, tracking & documentation of perishable inventory. Software for restaurant billing allows you to easily make adjustment of different menus & prices with respect to different time.

In Dine-in software for table transfer the Transfer KOT option in the software allows you to make the changes if the customer decided to change his sitting location.
In Dine -in restaurant software, KOT contains details and modification provisions of table number , item ordered and its quantity and order status with color differentiation.
In Dine -in waiter management software use for  manage their date wise report, KOT details , and number of table they serve per day, it is also useful to maintain salary record .

Order Management including Table Order Management, KOT System, GST Features, Discount,Complimentary, Driver Parcel,Payment Mode,Table Position Colors.
In Dine-in billing software Of the most important features of User Management is creation of users with specific privileges and access permissions.
In Dine -in, restaurant software for restaurant billing can Manage your inventory levels ,date wise reports, set reorder points to replenish stock and save your loses due to expiry.

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Do you have a project in mind? Let's start a conversation
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