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Antsglobe Technologies is focused on creating sustainable value growth through unique ideas and innovative solutions. To design and deliver leading-edge solutions that ensure efficiency and cost-saving for the education ecosystem. We focus on creating value for educational organizations based on:

Speed, Efficiency, Reliability and Optimization





Integrate the Next Level of
Education Management System

Upgrade to a better Education Management System and get ease of efficiency and optimized solutions for your School / College / Institute.
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User Friendly
Ants Hospital Pro Software is very user friendly and fully customizable. We believe in delivering client centric products and our Hospital Pro
Software is one of the Best
Example of it.

Multi User
Ants Hospital is Multi User Software for different kinds of logins along wit their authorizations. The implementations
of authorzation to different roles
makes the software secure and

Auto Backup & Recovery
Ants Hospital Pro Software is an Autobackup Software with timely recovery. Now forget all the hassles
when your system gets shut down abnormally! Auto Backup of Software
will make it easier to manage again.

Online/Desktop Versions
Our Hospital Software is available Online as well as works well in Client-Server Architecture. The need for both is because not everywhere has good internet connectivity hence both
the modes for different users.

Ants Education Software's are available for -

We are a leading educational software and solutions company having best educational products for schools.

We rise to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving educational landscape that includes  quality education software for college.

At Antsglobe, through our experience of 7+ years, we have customized solutions for Institutes / educational organizations.

7 +

Years of Experience

15 +

Tie ups and associations

30 +

Customizable Softwares

500 +

Happy Clients

750 +

Projects Executed
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Antsglobe Technologies
Antsglobe Technologies
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Do you have a project in mind? Let's start a conversation
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