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Ants Pathlab Management System GST Ready
An integrate form of program that helps to manage and store data involve during diagnosis of entire medical procedure

A standard free lab software is available, which if you find of as much use to you as we claim you can get a system requirement software, an accounting lab software and a laboratory database software. Everything that you might need to run any lab efficiently and can be totally customized according to your needs.

Pathlab Modules -

Bill Management

Report Management

Test Details

Daybook & Reporting

Multi Exporting Feature

Email & Message Notification

Why choose Pathab ?
We help your business grow
Maintain Patient History
Maintain record of patient’s lab reports and billing history With your lab number in every patient’s phone, be sure that they will call you .
Easy to operate
Employees with zero to little computer operating experience can get started and be productive from day one.
Comprehensive Test List
Get a default test list including around 300 tests. Correct test ranges are automatically estimated for default tests.
customise test parameters
The test parameters such as normal values, measurements units are changeable as and when required.
Brings Accountability
By record keeping and monitoring bring accountability in the work that your employees do.
Regular software updates
With every release, our software becomes better and better. It is a Simple accounting.
Works on all Platforms - Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS & Android!
Do you have a project in mind? Let's start a conversation
Do you have a project in mind? Let's start a conversation
Experience in the industry
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