Simple & easy to use interface
Visitor Pre-Registration
Access control system integration
Visitor history & Dashboard Statistics (check in count, check out count, visitor count, etc.)
Unlimited Visitors & Unlimited Locations
Check-in & check-out tracking
Reports (daily / monthly / customize fields for filtering reports)
Auto fill for visitor details on revisit
Frequent visitor records maintained
Easy data entry via data import facility
Photo capture & ID & badge printing
Vehicle management by entering vehicle details
Email notifications for the person to be visited on visitor arrival
User Rights management
Blacklist for recognizing & preventing entry for banned individuals

The Antsglobe Gate Pass module monitors and maintains gate registers for materials, visitors and company vehicles. Returnable and non-returnable pass types are supported for both inward and outward movements. In the case of returnable gate passes, the original gate pass transaction is always referenced so that the pending returnable details can be obtained from the system at any point of time.

System administrators can easily add a visitor record to include information such as visitor details, reason for visit, and scheduled time of appointment along with the name of the sponsor responsible for the visitor.  Fully equipped with CEM designed image editing software, the visitors’ image can be captured on arrival and saved with their details. Temporary ID cards with visual identification can be printed and assigned to visitors with Access privileges and Time Zones defined such as valid from

Gate Pass Management Software

laybor management software nagpur
Reports are provided for registers such as material inward register, pending gate pass register, vehicle movement register and vehicle availability status.

Antsglobe Technologies provides easy to learn and easy to use fully integrated management solutions that help to increase the productivity of people and processes across your organisation. Whether you are a start up business, a small or medium sized business or a large organisation, Antsglobe business productivity software solutions provide the perfect business platform to help you reach your specific productivity goals and can be tailored to your specific business needs.

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gate pass checkpoint software nagpur

Manage Visitor

passage point visitor management system nagpur
Gatepass has multiple predefined formats for various passes like Visitor (single day & long duration).
contractor management software in nagpur

Manage Vehicles Entry Record

In and out record entry of visitors, contract workers, vehicles & Advanced Vehicle Search facility.
visitor gate pass software in nagpur, india

Details and Capture Visitors Image

Manage Visitor Gate Pass with RFID, Fingerprint, Webcam photo, Barcode etc.


Our Management Softwares are all in one, multi-user software systems that will manage all administrative aspects of your organization. With software controlling your administrative processes you will be free to focus your energy on your core business and revenue generating activities.

The biggest advantage our Management Softwares has over other products is that you can fully customise the system around your business. Build all your business processes, design all the fields, statuses and just about entire system. We have successfully deployed very granular systems to multiple industries and business verticals. Our software is extremely flexible and can be configured to manage any type of business process or functional work-flow. Task and job management is at the core of the system.
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Service Provider of GatePass Management Software - Visitor Management Software nagpur, Security gate pass Software nagpur, visitor gate pass software offered by Antsglobe Technologies, Nagpur, Maharashtra.

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