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The Antsglobe Gate Pass module monitors and maintains gate registers for materials, visitors and company vehicles. Returnable and non-returnable pass types are supported for both inward and outward movements. In the case of returnable gate passes, the original gate pass transaction is always referenced so that the pending returnable details can be obtained from the system at any point of time.

System administrators can easily add a visitor record to include information such as visitor details, reason for visit, and scheduled time of appointment along with the name of the sponsor responsible for the visitor.  Fully equipped with CEM designed image editing software, the visitors’ image can be captured on arrival and saved with their details. Temporary ID cards with visual identification can be printed and assigned to visitors with Access privileges and Time Zones.

The gatepass can be customized as per the need of the organization or residential complex. Providing the gatepass to the visitor ensures that all the details of the person along with his/her photograph is stored in the database of the Visitor Gatepass Software. Along with the visiting details, the in time is also printed on the gatepass and recorded in the Visitor Gatepass Software. The gatepass is returned to the security after the visit so that the out time is recorded and saved in the database along with other details.

Gatepass S/W - For Industries, Enterprises, Business Centers, Townships, Factories, Airports and commercial complex

Gate Management
Visitor Management
Move-In/Out Integration
Security Integrations
Entry/Exit Management
Gate Management
Emergency Management,
Staff Management
Antsglobe Technologies delivers cost-effective optimized solutions for Gatepass Management Systems for Enterprises, Business Centers, Organizations, Schools, Colleges, & commercial premises.
Visitors enter the premises.
Thorough scanning of the visiting card by the security guard & enter important information such as visitee name, department,
purpose of visit, time of
visit, etc.
An appointment is created with
the visitee via telephone.
Clearance by visitee grants access to the security guard to take a visitor photograph.
A pass is printed and given to the user to meet the visitee.
The pass is given back to security guard to scan the card for
The In & Out time information is recorded & managed
The visitor leaves the Premises.
• Simple & easy to use interface
• Visitor Pre-Registration
• Access control system integration
• Visitor history & Dashboard Statistics (check in count, check out count, visitor count, etc.)
• Unlimited Visitors & Unlimited Locations
• Check-in & check-out tracking
• Reports (daily / monthly / customize fields for filtering reports)
• Auto fill for visitor details on revisit
• Frequent visitor records maintained
• Easy data entry via data import facility
• Photo capture & ID & badge printing
• Vehicle management by entering vehicle details
• Email notifications for the person to be visited on visitor arrival
• User Rights management
• Blacklist for recognizing & preventing entry for banned individuals

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